Make your home or office look new again!

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Get instant curb appeal

When it comes to the value of your home or your business, appearances matter. Give your building an instant upgrade with a fresh new look.

Square Square

- Fully prepare the surface

- Clean, scrape, and sand

- Patching and filling

- Priming

- Caulking

- Applying paint

- Hand brushing and paint spraying

- Complete clean-up

Our process for a perfect paint job:

At Ralph Littlejohn Painting, we use only the very best quality paints from top-shelf suppliers like Sherwin Williams and Behr. A professional paint job can last as long as 15 years without peeling or cracking!


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Paint that stands the test of time


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A professional paint job is one of the easiest low-cost, high-value investments you can make to your property.